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Coming up with the perfect domain for a new product, service or organization – or to rebrand an existing one – can be quite a challenge. Our team has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and organizations find the right domain.

Branding – Find the Perfect Domain For Your Budget

Our focus is on finding a domain name that:

  • is within your budget
  • is memorable, pronounceable and easy to spell
  • is trademark-free within the U.S. (or trademark rights are transferable)
  • conveys the impression you want to leave your visitors with
  • will not be confusing in the market (i.e. we want to avoid similarities with competitors as much as possible)

Our Branding/Rebranding Process:

1. Review of your situation
We will spend time with you to discuss your idea, budget and specific requirements.

2. Research options
We will provide you with a list of between 10 and 30 domain names that are obtainable either for registration fee or at an acquisition cost within your budget.

Our fee for this comprehensive service is a flat-rate $600. To get started, please contact us.


Already know the domain name you want but someone else owns it? Our acquisitions service can help you discreetly negotiate the best price. If we aren’t successful, then we can help you with finding an alternative domain name within your budget. Please contact us and provide us with the domain name you are interested in acquiring and we will custom-quote you based on time expectations.

Ready-To-Go Domains and Logos

We have literally thousands of domain names available for sale in our own portfolio with prices as low as $100. You can peruse some of the brandable domains and logo packages we have available at or review some of our offerings here. Alternately, feel free to contact us and let us know some information about your requirements and budget and we can provide you with a list of what we have available.

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