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Product Creation

Creating products and ensuring your website is set up properly to accept orders can be a time-consuming ordeal. For many entrepreneurs, having a root canal would be a preferable experience!  We can help make the experience more hands-off for you so that you can focus on what your core areas of expertise are in your business.

We’ve outlined below two of our most popular services on the product creation side. For other product creation services, please contact us.

Membership Site Creation

We’ve created dozens of membership sites just for our own websites. We can work with you to create the perfect membership site to suit your needs including content creation, if required. Packages start at $1500. Please contact us so we can conduct a needs assessment.

Video Creation

If you have audio recordings from teleclasses you’ve given, we can convert these into video format for re-use in training programs and membership sites.

The rates below are for audio with a single speaker whose first language is English and based on original audio length.

You can provide us with an intro/closer to use along with any images to be included. For your convenience, we use DropBox for uploading files.


  • Minimum charge: $150 per video
  • Powerpoint slide creation: $1 per minute
  • Audio editing (if needed): $1 per minute
  • Video creation/rendering: $1 per minute

Contact us to get started.

Conversion of Audio/Video Into Text

If you have audios or videos created that you would like converted into text content – such as e-books – we can do this for you. This is not simply transcription. One of our team’s highly skilled writers will also adjust the content for the medium. About halfway through the process, we will communicate with you to make sure the formatting and structure are in line with your requirements. We’ll then format the text and return to you in a Word document so you can convert it to PDF or for distribution for Kindle and other e-book readers. We suggest that you write an introduction or conclusion before publishing the final product. It is also recommended to have an editor familiar with your subject area review it.

The rates below are for audio with a single speaker whose first language is English and based on original audio length.

Turnaround time is typically one week for up to 3 hours of audio. Rush service is available for a 33% surcharge.


  • Minimum charge: $150 per project (includes multiple files)
  • $50 set-up per project plus $5 per minute of audio

Note: Through our partnership with another company, we can also fulfill most publishing requirements including digital mastering for e-books, formatting for print books and cover design.

Contact us to get started.

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