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We’ve answered most of the frequently asked questions we have received below. If you have a question not answered below, please feel free to contact us.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?

A. We accept Paypal (limits may apply), all major credit cards, mailed check, cashier’s check, postal money order and wire transfer. For domain name sales, we also accept

Q. What are your payment terms?

A. All services up to $2,500 must be prepaid in full. We do not start work unless payment has been received. For services over $2,500, you can request that interim billing be done.  We do not accept PO’s, even from Fortune 500 companies.

Q. Do you offer non-profit discounts?

A. We do not at this time. Non-profit organizations make up about one-third of our client base, so we factor this into our overall pricing.

Q. Do you have rush service available?

A. We do our best to meet the time requirements of clients. If you need a faster turnaround and we have the resources available, rush service is typically available for a 33% surcharge. This will cover our additional costs to work evenings, weekends and holidays to meet your deadline.

Q. Do you have guarantees on your services?

A. We do the absolute best job we can with all of the services we perform for clients. There are so many variables that can impact results that are outside of our control, so unless otherwise specified, we do not offer guarantees. If you’re uncertain about using our services for a large project, we suggest giving us a try with something smaller or breaking a larger project down into small pieces. That said, we do go over and beyond what most services providers do in order to exceed your expectations.

Q. We’re an agency and would like to use your services for clients. How does this work? Do you offer agency discounts?

A. We handle each situation uniquely depending on what fits best. In some cases, we deal directly with the end client while in others we deal exclusively with the agency. In some instances, we bill the end client directly and in others we bill the agency. We do require that there is a primary/sole point of contact for approvals.

Since about half of our business comes through agencies and service providers, we build this into our retail pricing. We do not offer agency discounts. Our pricing is very competitive for the level of service provided. Consequently, many agencies prefer to deal with us directly and bill their client for the services – adding on an additional mark-up. Please note that even if we bill you versus the client, we do require prepayment for all services.

Q. Do you have a client list or case studies I can review?

A. In the early days, we used to openly publish a partial client list and regularly publish case studies. This resulted in three things happening. First, our clients would get disturbed by people asking for details about case studies and it was very rare those who asked would become clients of ours. Second, competitors would approach our clients. Finally, we had some situations where competitors of clients duplicated what we had done for them – costing our clients money.

There’s another factor: much of our business comes through our partnerships with agencies and other service providers where discretion is a must.

We hope that you can understand our reasons and that it’s a matter of respecting those we do business with. We’re always happen to discuss concerns you may have. We’re not about to go anywhere!

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