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Our Team

Here are some of the members of the Frontspace team:


Sharon Hayes

Sharon Hayes – Co-Founder and CEO

Sharon has worked in B2B marketing online since the early 90′s. She is known as a trend setter – having been profiled in Entrepreneur Magazine as a “Super Schmoozer” in the late 90′s, Sharon is currently considered one of the most influential people in business in social media according to Huffington Post and amongst the most influential women on Twitter. She has worked with organizations of all sizes on strategy and implementation of marketing objectives through social media, community development, e-mail marketing and domain names. Sharon’s personal site can be found at

Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | Toll-Free: +1.800.856.4525 x501 Worldwide: +1.858.240.2770 x501

Steve Jones

Steve Jones – Co-Founder and COO

With exposure to computers since early childhood and the internet since before it boomed, Steve developed an interest in domains in the late 1990’s. He later decided in early 2004 to explore this interest and start buying domains with the intent to sell them. With little money to start, through trial and error, a successful hobby provided a growing side income and then exploded into a career when in 2007, Steve officially left the working world and became a full-time professional in the domain industry. Steve’s most notable sales are in 2007, which still holds the record for highest public .in domain sale at $60,000, and in 2005, bought by Kevin Bacon who then co-founded the charity Six Degrees. | Toll-Free: +1.800.856.4525 x502 Worldwide: +1.858.240.2770 x502

Jordan Zavaleta

Jordan Zavaleta – Business Analyst, Domain Specialist

From an early age, Jordan has immersed himself in technology, media, and the ways it can be improved upon. With influence from his father, a computer engineer, and being a part of the social media generation, Jordan is well-versed in new media and the social technologies of our time. He started his first sales job at the age of 15 and has received recognition as a “caring consultant”, not just a salesman. His focus has always been on how to better improve his clients life and business, it’s not always about closing deals. He graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Telecommunications, a focus on Media & Production. In college, he developed a love for creative advertising and film production, receiving a Campus Movie Fest award for his short film “The Whistler”. He currently still works on creative short films and commercials, for his reel and spec. Jordan got his start in the domain industry in 2010, learning from some of the greats. He has acquired several premium domain names, such as,, and many more. With sharp experience in the domain industry, new media, and customer relations, there is no doubt that Jordan can help improve your business. | Toll-Free: +1.800.856.4525 x504 Worldwide: +1.858.240.2770 x504

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