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One of the common mistakes we see a lot of companies use these days is to use outdated techniques and expect the same results as what was achieved even a year ago. The area of content creation is no different.  With literally millions of pieces of content being created a day on the Internet, it’s become more difficult to create content that stands out. The days of writing SEO-driven content are just about behind us. If you want content that will not only attract visitors but convert them into paying customers, it’s imperative that your content be reader-friendly. At the same time, you want to make sure your content is optimized for the search engines.

Our content creation services are focused on helping attract real people to your website, building trust and converting them into actual customers. Plus, we’re experts at creating headlines for content that will stimulate social sharing.

Please note that for extremely specialized areas, our rates may be higher.

Evergreen Content

If you need content within your niche for your website, blog or to use for guest posts, our Evergreen Content packages may suit your needs. Evergreen Content packages consist of articles of between 500 and 750 words which are not time-sensitive so whether someone reads it this week or in a year, it will still be relevant.

You can either provide us with a list of topics OR we can do the research and create a list for your approval. Included with all articles are headlines, subheadings, key word recommendations and descriptions.


  • 5 articles: $300
  • 10 articles: $550
  • 20 articles: $1000 (additional articles $50 each)
  • Topic research: $100

Contact us to get started.

Formulaic Content

With our Formulaic Content packages, we’ll carefully examine what you do and your methodology to create content consistent with your brand’s formula and your voice. From there, we’ll craft unique articles to be used for guest posts and redistribution.  Depending on the audience, these posts may be between 400 and 1000 words.

Most clients who use this service choose to prepay for a package level and then contact us when they have a specific opportunity come up so that we can better write the article for a specific audience.


  • 5 articles: $1000
  • 10 articles: $1500
  • 20 articles: $2500 (additional articles $100 each)

Contact us to get started.

Authority Content Program

If you want a hands-off approach to having your blog, resource center or membership area populated with rock-solid content on an ongoing basis, our Authority Content Program may be the solution. We can either provide content at predetermined intervals or provide you with an initial “stock” of content and then add new content at specific time periods.

With this service, you’ll be assigned a personal editor who will ensure your content needs are met. We can provide ghost-written content or contract experts in an area to provide contributions.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Star Content

Ever go green with envy when you see competitors’ blog posts show hundreds or even thousands of social shares and dozens of comments? Our Star Content service is a stealth service designed to help you encourage engagement, social sharing and traffic. We’ll work with you to create a compelling post that will just suck readers in, help you get your first few dozen social shares and give you some ideas on how to further promote the post to help it go viral within your market.

Start Content posts typically range between 750 and 1250 words. Sometimes they may be shorter or longer depending on the message to be conveyed.

This service starts at $1,500 depending on your area of business, but it will be well worth it. Contact us to start a conversation about how this service can work for you. Note: we will only accept clients for this service in business areas we feel we can truly help.

Audio Extraction

Do you have audios or webinars recorded you’d like to re-purpose for articles, blog posts, reports or white papers? We can help you do this!

These projects are all custom-quoted based on requirements so reach out to us to get the ball rolling!

Video Creation

If you have audio recordings from teleclasses you’ve given, we can convert these into video format for re-use in other mediums.

These videos can be used for your blog and video sharing sites such as YouTube. You can also include these videos in training programs and membership sites.

Rates are based on a single speaker whose first language is English and are based on original audio length.

You can provide us with an intro/closer to use along with any images to be included. For your convenience, we use DropBox for uploading files.


  • Minimum charge: $150 per video
  • Powerpoint slide creation: $1 per minute
  • Audio editing (if needed): $1 per minute
  • Video creation/rendering: $1 per minute

Contact us to get started.

Products/Membership Sites

If you need content created for products or membership sites, please visit this area of our website.

Need some form of content not listed above? Please contact us to see with your requirements.

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